The Difference of Customized Styles and Colors of Jiangmen Workwear

2019-10-14 15:32:02

Most people in our country have their own work clothes at work, even in the same studio, they will change different work clothes according to their work, status or season. The expectation of clothing for professionals is required by many factors, among which the most important is the demand for work. Therefore, work clothes are also called work clothes. Besides the need for maintenance, there is also the effect of professional logo. Customized style and color of Jiangmen overalls usually use color design to increase the means of identification.


A modern high-end hotel, with hundreds of service personnel and a very sophisticated division of labor. If the style and color of work clothes are not different, it will not only bring a lot of inconvenience to passengers, but also make the service organization of hotels very difficult. In public places such as stations, wharfs and airports, in order for passengers to get close to each other and make it easy for passengers to identify everyone's responsibilities, they must use the style and color of their overalls to identify them.

The color mark has other special effects. For example, railway subgrade workers wear yellow shirts. It is different from the lime and snow in winter. Ocean operators often wear orange-red overalls, which is rarely used by ordinary people. This strong and colorful color contrasts sharply with the surrounding environment in the vast ocean. The goal is remarkable and easy to find. Some travel agency guides wear a very common red hat, designed to make it easy for passengers to identify among many people. Of course, for most manufacturers of work clothes, the wearer works comfortably, harmonizes with the surrounding environment, gives a sense of harmony, gives a sense of security, and meets the requirements of visual beauty.

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